As we call up for 2021, the Brilite family wishes our esteemed clients a very happy new year 2022, This year will be the year of bridging the gap and recovering from the Impact of 2021 Covid 19 waves.

As we navigate with the new norms brought up by Covid 19, there is an indication/green light to some sectors to resume in full operation capacities. Sectors like Banking, Insurance, Agriculture, Mining, and SMEs have the potential to run full as we expected the end of the Omicron variant (Wave). There is very good prospect also for the Tourism sector as the number is growing and slowly level of operations is back.

The only unsolved puzzle is on the Manufacturing sector specifically for the companies that depend on the importation of raw material from China, Asia, UAE, and the Uk. The disruption of supply chains across the world has resulted in a high increase in the cost of production both from Inputs supply shortage and freight cost. This will also affect the wholesale and retail sectors depending on imports.

There is no time frame that this supply chain issue will be resolved hence the industries affected should focus on alternative sources of raw materials, proper planning, and efficient production.

Our team is well determined and committed to delivering the highest quality customized services expected. We aim to be the best at what we are doing.

With the start of the year plans, we are not overemphasizing the importance of Filing corporate tax estimates on or before 31st March 2022 and filing annual accounts on or before 30th June 2022.