‘When the Customer comes First, the Customer will Last’ – Robert Half

‘When the customer comes first, the customer will last’ (Robert Half), is possibly our favourite customer service quote: it’s simple, to the point and true. This week has been a positive one for customer feedback at Brilite. Not only did we receive a hand-written thank you card from a grateful customer, but also a call-out from someone we helped two years ago, remembered for good service.

Great customer service doesn’t need to be complicated, certainly not for small businesses; in fact it’s possibly as easy as being polite, reliable, helpful, considerate, honest and caring. Attributes you might apply to all successful relationships. Of course it also helps to be knowledgeable and experienced surrounding your subject, that’s a given for any line of work.

Today we work with multiple generations of the same family, their neighbours, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We always ask new customers why they made contact with us and it’s almost always due to a recommendation – we remain grateful and pledge to keep up the good work.