Audit & Assurance Services

Because it has never been more vital to be able to have confidence in an audit, Brilite strive to ensure audits are carried out to the highest standard.

Enhancing your credibility

Financial statement services are a key part of the Brilite network and Brilite has sought continued excellence in this area – adopting new technologies, implementing new methodologies and staying at the forefront of current developments, including regulatory changes and international standards. Brilite is committed to providing a high-level technical service, backed-up by meeting deadlines, attention to detail and respecting your time and schedules, whether you’re publicly listed, privately held, a not-for-profit entity, a government department or a state-owned enterprise. Our audit professionals’ aim to deliver added value to every audit engagement.

Quality Standards

Brilite is committed to the highest standards in financial reporting and auditing practices, with all the members meeting strict quality criteria both nationally and internationally. Sound governance, integrity and high quality are deeply embedded in the DNA of our network and our member firms. We continuously aim to achieve the best service and highest standards in the work we do for our clients.

Our Expertise

·      External audit  ·      Internal audit ·       Risk assurance ·      Due diligence  ·      Special reviews

Our Audit responsibility

To express an opinion on the financial statements based on our audit. We conduct our audit in accordance with international standard on auditing (ISAs), those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements, plan and perform audit to obtained reasonable assurance whether the financial statement are free from material misstatements result from errors or frauds.